Great Shunner Fell, May 2013

Why you should join The Ramblers

The Rambling Association works hard on the provision and protection of footpaths and other ways over which the public have a right of

way or access on foot, including the prevention of obstruction of public rights of way. The protection and enhancement for the benefit

of the public of the beauty of the countryside and other areas by such lawful means as the trustees think fit, including by encouraging

the provision, preservation and extension of public access to land on foot.

The provision of facilities for the organising of open-air recreational

activities and in particular rambling and mountaineering with the object of

improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities are

intended, namely the public at large, and in the interests of social welfare

(including health). Advancing the education of the public in subjects

relating to access to, and the preservation and conservation of, the

countryside and of the health benefits of outdoor recreational pursuits.

After you have walked with us and you decide that walking is for you then

you will be requested to join the Ramblers Association. Along with great

exercise and the outdoors you will receive the following benefits:

Personalised email address ( Our walks programme either posted or emailed to you The Walk magazine With your membership card, some shops offer up to 15% discount No charges to join walks Access to the Ramblers’ library of maps We can also post a membership form out to you. Please state that you would like to be affiliated to Crook and Weardale group. Notice: Please note as from the 25th May 2018 there have been changes to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This does not affect the members as we do not share your data (e-mail / telephone numbers etc) with any third party organisations. Anyone who would like a personalised email address ( you can request this from Debbie through the website. This will help with future correspondence and keep the costs to a minimum.
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