Great Shunner Fell, May 2013

Footpath problems, diversions and planning applications

Footpaths Officers’ Report This past year has proved to be fairly quiet as far as footpath matters are concerned. We do have one outstanding matter, this is regarding a footpath at Eldon near Shildon/Bishop Auckland, as reported to Jeff by a Mr Wilby. After the County Council rescinded on their offer of a chipping machine to assist with the clearing of this footpath, Jeff has made two attempts, with the help of Peter Johnson and Steve Musgrove, to clear a section of this very overgrown path. However, they came to a dead-end only to discover the original path about 50 yards away with two signs attached to a post. This path is not recorded on the OS map. Jeff then informed the County Council of this position and received a telephone call from a Peter Crinyon, stating that he would email a copy of the Definitive Map for the Eldon area to Jeff, and will also arrange to meet him at Eldon to access the situation. However, at the moment the budget has been spent but after April 2019, there may be sufficient funds to provide a stile. Elena Cross Jeff Foster Joint Footpath Officers 4th February 2019
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